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To say the fishing in Venice, Louisiana is spectacular just wouldn’t do it justice. Venice, LA is an unparalleled sportfishing paradise at the “Gateway to the Gulf” – offering world class fishing for giant Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Swordfish, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, and more.

Oil Rig Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Fishing out of Cypress Cove Marina, Paradise Outfitters is the premiere deep sea fishing charter in Venice, LA with an unrivaled track record of landing giant tunas, swordfish, mahi-mahi, marlin, grouper, and countless other species native to the Gulf of Mexico.

Countless oil rings that span the horizon offer a deep water structure that holds trophy fish year-round. These towering oil rigs provide an “oasis” for highly migratory species to take refuge during their odyssey across the ocean, offering anglers the opportunity to target them with tremendous success.

It’s common to catch a greater variety of pelagic species aboard a Venice, LA Fishing Charter than almost any other destination in the United States. If you’re looking for the best offshore fishing experience unlike any other, Venice, LA is for you.

Fishing aboard our 42-foot Catamaran, 41-foot custom Fin Cat’s, and 36-foot Yellowfin charter boats, our guides have redefined sportfishing in Venice, LA with a competitive edge – putting their clients on the hardest fighting pelagic predators that swim in the Gulf.

While the fishing in Venice, LA is hot year-round, there are seasonal periods when certain species migrate through in greater numbers. If you’re considering a fishing charter in Venice, LA – consider the species you would prefer to target.

In the early spring months, large schools of yellowfin tuna (some in the 200lb class) invade the gulf, while smaller yellowfin tuna tend to show up in greater numbers during the summer months. Swordfish and Marlin can be caught year-round, but wahoo fishing is best in the winter and spring months. Typically, spring to early summer is the best time to catch Mahi-mahi. Whatever your performed big game species may be, you stand a greater chance of catching a trophy fish out of Venice, LA.

Whatever the ecological reason may be, more large wahoo, tuna, swordfish, marlins, and sharks are caught in the Gulf of Mexico out of Venice, LA than anywhere else in the United States.

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The Legendary Midnight Lump

Perhaps the most famous fishing grounds near Venice, LA – the Midnight Lump is a vast underwater mountain of salt which rises to within 200ft of the surface at its peak. This underwater everest is teeming with life during the winter months (January to March) – a haven for massive schools of yellowfin, blackfin, and occasionally bluefin tunas. An incredible variety of life circle the lump in search of food, including large amberjacks, countless bonitas, sharks, and plenty of mahi-mahi. The spring and summer months are the best time to fish the Midnight Lump. Although, this underwater mountain provides big game sportfishing year-round.

diagram showing a diagram of the midnight lump in the Gulf of Mexico off the cost of Venice, Louisiana

Fishing Charters

When you book a fishing charter with Paradise Outfitters, you are one step closer to embarking on a fishing expedition unlike any other you’ve experienced to date.

Whether you’re a novice angler looking to discover big game sportfishing, or a seasoned offshore veteran looking to settle a score with an elusive pelagic species, Capt. Hunter Caballero, Capt. Scott Leger, Capt. Drew Bateman, Capt. Christian Patin, Capt. Geoff Rhode, and Capt. Rene Luminais are committed to making sure you experience the ultimate fishing trip of your lifetime.

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Our Captain Scott and first mate Taylor were excellent! They really knew what they were doing and streamlined the entire process, making for an awesome experience! They were friendly and very accommodating. Scott navigated the boat like a champion. I had such a great time! We caught many fish and the entire experience was wonderful. I highly recommend Paradise Outfitters.
John Graziano
I flew over to Louisiana from Tampa, Florida for a couple days of tuna fishing with Captains Hunter and Drew. It was absolutely incredible! Captain Hunter is professional and extremely knowledgable about fishing around the rigs. Drew is very determined on the water and works hard to put customers on the fish. These guys are the real deal down in Venice and their experience put me on some absolute monsters. The first fish we hooked into was a ~300lb blue marlin! The fish was safely released after a two-hour battle which nearly brought me to my knees. We followed up with a wahoo, blackfin tunas, and some big yellowfin tunas. Words don't really describe the fishing you'll get with Paradise Outfitters; it's something that must be experienced.
Robert Slipkovich
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