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Gag Grouper, 61.4 # by Mike Wyant , currently #1 Louisiana state record book

Warsaw Grouper, 89.5 # by Rick Solari, (former #2) currently #4 Louisiana state record book

Warsaw Grouper, 88 # by Dee Bruce, (former #2) currently #5 Louisiana state record book

Mutton Snapper, 17.6 # by Brad Marks, current #1 Louisiana state record book

Mystic Grouper, 2.2 # pending, #1 Louisiana state record book

Silk Snapper, 2.1# pending, #1 Louisiana state record book


Blackfin Tuna, 23 # by Joe Cerise, current # 3 LOWA state fly record

Barracuda, 12 # by Joe Cerise, current # 1 LOWA state fly record

Rainbow Runner, 5 # by Joe Cerise, current #2 LOWA state fly record

Gray Triggerfish, 3 # by Roger del Rio, pending #1 LOWA state fly record

Dolphin, 14 # by Capt. Scott Avanzino, (former #2) currently #4 LOWA state fly record


Roger Delrio -#1 Amberjack at 23.25 pounds LOWA state record

Greg Mayere – #2 King Mackeral on fly tackle at 18.8 pounds

Gary Parish – #2 Amberjack on fly tackle at 17.2 pounds


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John Graziano

John Graziano

Our Captain Scott and first mate Taylor were excellent! They really knew what they were doing and streamlined the entire process, making for an awesome experience! They were friendly and very accommodating. Scott navigated the boat like a champion. I had such a great time! We caught many fish and the entire experience was wonderful. I highly recommend Paradise Outfitters

Robert Slipkovich

Robert Slipkovich

I flew over to Louisiana from Tampa, Florida for a couple days of tuna fishing with Captains Hunter and Drew. It was absolutely incredible! Captain Hunter is professional and extremely knowledgable about fishing around the rigs. Drew is very determined on the water and works hard to put customers on the fish. These guys are the real deal down in Venice and their experience put me on some absolute monsters. The first fish we hooked into was a ~300lb blue marlin! The fish was safely released after a two-hour battle which nearly brought me to my knees. We followed up with a wahoo, blackfin tunas, and some big yellowfin tunas. Words don't really describe the fishing you'll get with Paradise Outfitters; it's something that must be experienced.

Paul Spencer

Paul Spencer

Had a great first experience fishing for Tuna. Captain Rene and Deckhand Drew put us on the fish early and we quickly hit our limit. Crew did a great job showing us the ropes and got us back worn out and ready to come back for more. High lite of the day was the 2 1/2 hr fight for a monster swordfish that unfortunately became wrapped up in the leader and broke off under the boat as we attempted to harpoon the beast..........these guys know what they are doing so come see them; you wont be sorry.

Debbie Wall

Debbie Wall

By far the BEST offshore charter we've ever had! Capt Scott and Mike were amazing and worked their tails off for us! We hired Paradise Outfitters for a two day charter and both days we slayed the tuna!! What a great experience these guys gave us! 41 ft cats were fast and clean. Booking with this outfit is a no brainer!! They will be part of our yearly corporate charter from here on out! Great job guys!


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